1. Why are we doing this?

After 52 years of being Malaysian, there are a lot more ways for us to be labeled apart from our race. Some Malaysian have done and achieved so much, yet they are still known as Melayu, Cina, India or dan lain lain. This is a platform for people to share what you would like to be known as that’s closer to your heart.



2. Why did we choose the flag as symbol?

Regardless what your beliefs, differences, opinions about this country and its people, the flag still remains as the neutral symbol that unites people of a country. 


3. Can I change what I wrote about myself on the flag?

Whatever you choose to write to define yourself on the flag will remain on the flag for a long long time. However, on the t-shirt and other merchandises you can change it to be whatever you want. 



4. What merchandise do you have now?

At this moment, we have t-shirts.


5. What if I just want the t-shirt and not involve in the flag?

Yes, you can. Click on T-shirt on our homepage to get straight to the t-shirt customisation. 


6. How many can I order?

As many as you like :)


7. Any other colours apart from black or white?

No. We have chosen the most neutral of colours to represent ONE NATION FITS ALL. However new colours may be introduced soon.


8. How long will it take for me to get my t-shirt?

Depending on how many you order, it should take between 3 - 7 days.


9. What about Malaysians or others living outside Malaysia, how do you send it to me?

We will send it to you via International Post. Please contact us for us to let you know how much is shipping to your country. 



10. Please refer to our Terms and Condition for our refund and return policy.