why one nation fits all

Unity is an equation and it is this;
the sum of our parts multiplies who we are.

Unity does not subtract anything – 
Not belief nor religion,
Not race, colour nor culture,
Not history, heritage nor lineage,
Not principle, values nor philosophies,
Not social background, status nor standing,

Neither does it allow these to become factors
for division but instead

Adds respect and understanding
Inclusion and freedom to be, do, have, LIVE

To the power of the individual

Making us all equals; making us all ONE.



The time has come for me to take a stand. Because I am a Malaysian, and I matter.
I am making stand for my country. A stand for my heritage, my people, my nation.
A stand for unity and harmony in our diversity.

I will replace my colonial mentality with an unapologetically Malaysia “Camaraderie”.


It is not a mistake that I am born a Malaysian. It is not an accident that we are all
so diversely Malaysian.

I will care about my fellow Malaysians as I would care for my own family.
Because we are all one big Malaysian family.
We are all Anak Malaysia, and we matter.


I will demand greateness from myself so that I can inspire greatness in all Malaysians.

I will see myself as a world-class citizen. Because I am a world-class Malaysian.

I will see my fellow Malaysians as world-class.
Together, we will create world-class Malaysian products and brands.
Together, we can achieve all our highest dreams.


It all begins with me. It begins today. With me.
I have the power to create a future that I can believe in.

We have the power to build a Malaysia we can all believe in.

We have the tools to create a Malaysia we want.
The Malaysia we are proud to call home.

Our heartland. Our homeland.
Tanah Air Kita.


I dare to dream because I am not alone. I dare to believe because I am not alone.

We are the sum of the Malaysia we see today.
We are the builders of the Malaysia we wish to envision tomorrow.

we will build the Malaysia we love.
A Malaysia that leaves no one behind.

our malaysia, our family

We are the grand total of all we have experienced,
the joys and the tears, the victories and the losses - but more.

We are also the lessons learned, and the people who have enriched our lives in ways that make us greater than the grand total.
Together, we’ll define the greater grand total.
Because we are the greater grand total.

This is what it means to be our

To restore dignity and prestige in our artistry and craft, we must first establish dignity and integrity in ourselves. As individuals. As Malaysians.

As we take pride in who we are, as people, as Malaysians; we will never sell ourselves short. Sell out our dreams. Or bribe our souls for greater profits. As we cherish our authenticity as much as our ethnicity; we will also value others’. Hence, cultivating mutual respect and appreciation for the beauty of our Malaysian diversity.

What we instill in ourselves and demand of ourselves become the standards and quality we will infuse in all that we create. It governs the way we live, work and love.

Therefore, we demand greatness from ourselves not because we lack it. We demand greatness from ourselves because we deserve it. We deserve every chance to witness and experience our own greatness unfold. As much as we deserve the opportunity to bear witness to others’ greatness unfold. When we allow each other’s greatness to rise, our own greatness will be reinforced.

Together, our collective greatness will define the nation.

And this is the very platform that we are creating. The platform that welcomes all, nurtures all and loves all - as long as they are ready, willing and desire to be great. And they want to be great not just for themselves. Because their pathway to greatness paves the way for all others to follow. Hence, it is for the people and the nation.

Above all, for those who would come after us. The platform is their birthplace, their launching pad and also their legacy.

Our commitment is our investment and our investment is our commitment. Because our platform does not leave anyone behind. We will not give up on you as long as you do not give up on yourself.


Wash away
all negativity

Be delicate
to one another

iron fists

We are all made
with love in Malaysia

what kind of malaysian do you want to be?


Taking it deep into the core of your heart and let it sink into your bones. When you do find the answers, please share it with the rest of the Malaysians. Because that is the sum of your Malaysian story.

Your true story, as a Malaysian.

A Malaysian is the sum of many cultures. It is like a convergence of several heritage, languages and history. Because we are made from all the diversity and ethnicity that have planted its roots on this land called, Malaysia.

We all grew up eating each other’s foods, wearing each other’s clothes and even paying tributes to each other’s customs. We would not be able to live without any of it. Because all of it has become an integral part of who we are.

In truth, there is a little bit of everyone in each Malaysian. There is a Malaysian Chinese in a Malaysian Malay. There is a Malaysian Malay in a Malaysian Indian and vice versa. We are the sum of every Malaysian. Those who came before us. And those who will come after us.

This is the true Malaysian Legacy we hold within each of us. And this is the beauty of the Malaysian Legacy we will leave behind.

In each of us, there is a special kind of Malaysian. With unique talent or gift to share with the rest of Malaysia.
There are no hierarchies of talents in Malaysia. All are welcomed. All are needed and immensely valued.
Every Malaysian has an important role to play in building a better Malaysia. No one is too small to make a difference, or bring delight to our Malaysia.
The kind of Malaysian we choose to be is the kind of Malaysia we will create and live in.
May we use our artistry and mastery in ways that would inspire all other Malaysians.
May we always know our worth as Malaysians, and then share it with the world.


Be a part of our journey of incredible Malaysian