You Will Want To Wear This T-Shirt To Show What It Is To Be Malaysian And Be You!

A T-shirt that says ‘MALAYSIAN’ and include any caption to define yourself as one, how cool is that?

With that combination, T-shirt startup, One Nation Fits All, has done an amazing job of combining issues of unity and personality together for a T-shirt design that boasts our country, nationality, and personality.

One Nation Fits All Has Launched!

At the Rice Festival in APW Bangsar, Sean Ghazi and his team performed Tanah Pusaka to officially launch One Nation Fits All as a movement of unity.


Many Voices, One Song

To commemorate our anniversary and Malaysia Day, a group of Malaysians performed an LRT Sing-Along on 16 September 2016. We traveled from the LRT stations of Bangsar to KLCC, with a set list of various Malaysian songs.