Welcome to the ONE NATION FITS ALL Store where everyone is free to express their diverse and unique identities. Whether you're a foodie, marathon runner or a tech enthusiast, you form the social fabric of our beautiful nation. Why not share your unique identity with the world by designing your very own specially-tailored ONFA T-Shirt?


1) Select your desired T-shirt colour

2) Pick your size!

3) Describe what kind of Malaysian your are in no more than 26 characters.
Keep in mind that your description with be a part your T-shirt
design. so keep it cool, short and sweet.

Here are some ideas you help you get started:

Where did you come from?
What's your favourite Malaysian food?
What do your friends call you?
Are you an animal lover?
What's your favourite hobby?
Who's your favourite superhero?

Click "Aku Nak Satu" once you're done to complete your T-shirt design.

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From festive tees to Star Wars, we’ve got a series of limited edition designs for you to choose from as well. Comes in black, white and other colours.

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